Metanoia Documentation v2.0
Metanoia is a crypto + AI company that seeks to solve the disconnect between community, ownership and contribution.
If you ever feel that (1) Working harder does not seem to translate to an appropriate increase in pay, and (2) Investing in assets like shares of publicly listed companies make you feel helpless, because you cannot actively do anything to increase its financial value You have come to the right place. Metanoia aims to solve this problem of disconnect between ownership and contribution through the use of tradable & upgradable digital assets, in the form of digital pets called Mixies.
Mixies are infused with AI, designed to grow in value over time, and pays you forever. You can actively increase the financial value of the pets you own, by actively contributing to Metanoia's ecosystem. The total supply of first edition Mixies are capped at 1000, each with it's unique traits, and will never increase again.
Backers & partners in Metanoia include leaders in Google, Microsoft, ByteDance, HSBC, Uniqlo, Grab, Razer & Decathlon.
Our token private sale round opens from 1st May 2023 and closes on 30th November 2023 - with prices increasing each month.
*Please note that this knowledge base will be constantly updated and edited, always refer to the latest version for the most updated details. It is also possible that this document will not contain the most recent changes to the platform and the products found within, as they all hold precedence to this document. However, we will do our best to maintain this document updated to the best of our abilities. In addition, our roadmap and contents will change from time to time whenever it makes sense, based on feedback from the community.