Metanoia Documentation v1.3
Metanoia is an ecosystem of products that aims to bring real world utility into the web3 space.
We aim to create meaningful change in the society by focusing on 5 areas:
Gain real world value by investing in digital assets
Today, most digital assets such as tokens or Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) carry no value in the real world. Some of these assets might carry virtual values such as game access, an exclusive community or perks over the public. However, we aim to bring real world value into digital assets. Now, imagine owning an NFT that would be able to give you one free cup of coffee a day, everyday, forever. Purchasing such an NFT would not only allow you to reap dividends on your investments in the form of free coffee, but it is likely going to be a wise investment too as prices of coffee is likely to rise in the future due to inflation, allowing you to hold an investment is tradable, and retains your purchasing power. This can similarly be applied to other categories such as luxury goods, entertainment, vacations, fashion and many more.
Solve real world problems and earn money by playing exciting games.
We aim to release a series of games that test and records various aspects of a gamer’s ability to solve real world problems. These games could be virtual, physical or mixed. It is designed to be exciting and rewarding, with opportunities to receive work and investments in both the digital and real world based on verifiable performance throughout various games. With enough performance data generated from games, we would be able to build algorithms that could make possible predictions on where your talents or passions might be, allowing us to accelerate the discovery of human potential.
Invest in real talents and help people break free of poverty
An Olympic gold medalist or a popular celebrity all had investors who believed deeply in them early in life, providing them with the right resources, training, time and environment to perform their best. In exchange, they bring fame, glory and wealth to those who believed and invested in them when no one else did. The ability to showcase raw verifiable talent opens up a hotbed of investment opportunities for investors to discover and fund these talents early which aids in the accelerating the growth of human potential. With verifiable in game performance and lucrative in game rewards, investors would be incentivized to invest early and hence offer opportunities for talented individuals to break out of poverty.
Giving power and control back to you at every step of the journey.
Current power structures dictate that citizens are only able to elect governments from the list of eligible candidates with enough resources to campaign themselves for presidency. Once the president is selected, smaller decisions within the nation is largely decided by the elected. We believe that this grants too much power and autonomy for the elected, and by the time we were to re-elect another president again it might perhaps be too late as the damage has already been done. In addition, government spending are often times hard to track and opaque in nature, sometimes raising many questions in the citizen’s mind. We believe in governance that is fully transparent on how resources and funds are allocated, and continually kept in check by its citizens. In addition, for policies that will affect citizens, they can be put up for voting so as to ensure that majority are in agreement before a proposal is passed. Protect your purchasing power, even during a crisis.
Today’s economy can be fragile and interconnected, especially with most people holding their savings in currency of the country they stay in. If something happens to the global economy such as pandemic, war or an economic depression, citizens risk their purchasing power eroded via excessive inflation, since currencies are now no longer backed by scarce assets such as gold. The aim for Metanoia is to build a transactional currency that is backed by a resilient treasury, where we own reserves that are well diversified across fiat currencies across different countries, crypto currencies across all important protocols and other scarce assets such as gold which is designed to strengthen against all major fiat currencies in peacetime, and be able to significantly retain purchasing power during difficult moments. We aim to build a resilient economy that is truly belongs to our nation, to preserve purchasing power with the rich and well managed reserves.
*Please note that this knowledge base will be constantly updated and edited, always refer to the latest version for the most updated details. It is also possible that this document will not contain the most recent changes to the platform and the products found within, as they all hold precedence to this document. However, we will do our best to maintain this document updated to the best of our abilities. In addition, our roadmap and contents will change from time to time whenever it makes sense, based on feedback from the community.