Our Key Products

Metanoia will feature a series of core products & services that function collectively as an ecosystem, broken down into several phases. Founding Citizens NFT Collection x Real World Collaborations At the heart of what we do, Metanoia believes that Web 3 or the NFT world is not something that's "a useless JPEG" or "something very far away". We want to bring real world utility to the NFT and Web 3 space! All our NFTs will be tied to different categories (Food, Sports, Luxury etc), each with real world benefits with real life merchants that we will partner with. Imagine buying a Mixie Foodie NFT which allows you a free coffee a week, for your whole life! Game & Commerce Focused Metaverse & Ecosystem - Build the future together with us We will build an ecosystem of technology and commercial infrastructure to enable game developers, artists, developers, investors and educators to build games & commerce related applications in our metaverse. Metanoia will be facilitating crowdfunding sale, and it will feature the ability for creators to invent their own gaming tokens. One-time grants and investments may be given for interesting ideas that meet our criteria, and game owners will be able to earn ongoing revenue from the hearts treasury based on game performance and results. Players in game leaderboards will also get the chance to win NFTs connected with real world utility. Integrated reality programs - Play, Learn, Earn, Contribute, Employ & Invest The integrated reality programs will feature many ways to play, learn, earn and contribute. There will be a series of play, earn, contribute and learn contests in a platform for talented individuals to get opportunity to get connected with a well paying investor or employer, thereby using their skills and getting access to significantly better life chances and economic benefit. The benefit for the employers is that they get the best talent in the market for their company. Investors benefit as they spot the talent early, and has a portion of economic wins from that shared opportunity. Metanoia island - Live in a decentralized island where magic happens
Featuring luxurious retirement homes, world class amenities for vacation, one of the world's best gaming arenas and a champion's village, Metanoia will have its own physical island where it's build to attract the world's greatest talent and investors. It will also be the main hub for all experimental features, and the choice of location for high stakes global tournaments in Metanoia and beyond. Citizens of metanoia will also get to enjoy perks and benefits when they visit the island or stay in it for the long term. Ownership of the island will be decentralized featuring land owned by community members and governance in a decentralized autonomous organization format.