Our Vision, Mission & Values

Metanoia's mission in the new world

Our vision

To equip the world with the tools necessary to realize one's full potential

Our mission

To build an interconnected ecosystem where contributions and ownership are made fun, rewarding and accessible

Our Values


We aim to build tools that are inclusive, presenting access and opportunities for the average person to participate in potentially life changing opportunities, without ignoring the needs of the wealthy or the powerful.


Power is given back to the people, and governance will be decentralized and autonomous. The voting protocol will be algorithmically designed to reward those who have the long term interests of Metanoia at heart with more power.


Anyone is able to contribute to Metanoia and have their efforts recognized by the world. We aim to share our knowledge and provide opportunities to build together, rather than building a walled garden to gain concentrated economic power.


We aim to build a ecosystem with policies to heavily penalize those who aim to make a profit at the expense of ethics. Examples of such mercenaries we aim to penalize are flippers, market manipulators and actors that aim to make a quick gain by destroying value.