Mixie - Mascot
Mixie is a creature that seems to be brimming with potential but is afraid to interact with the outside world despite what seems like a very high desire to do so… 👀 As such, we are unable to fully see the entire creature because it’s using its tail to cover itself up. This often represents all of us , many of whom have talents and potential that are undiscovered or unrealised. During our journey at Metanoia we will be able to see how Mixie will grow, evolve, transform and add value to the world.
Nickson Guay - Co-Founder & President Nickson is a successful serial entrepreneur that has since stepped down from his (still profitable) multimillion portfolio of businesses - including a marketing agency, a technology consulting firm and an investment firm, which was developed over the past 10 years to build Metanoia full time. He has a degree in Information Systems from Singapore University of Technology & Design, where he was a scholar specialised in Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Cybersecurity. He is also a certified management consultant and data protection officer. He is an early investor and adopter of cryptocurrencies who bought his first bitcoin at $300 and first ETH at $11, owns a play to earn esports guild, and is an angel investor in a variety of companies including an agricultural technology firm, a gamefi SaaS company, and an educational technology startup. Janice Tee - Co-founder and Head of Sales, Partnerships, and Community Janice is a successful digital entrepreneur and running a digital brand consulting company. With 12 years of social media, digital marketing, and business development background behind her, she also fronted the key executive technology recruitment in the Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence space serving clients at top financial institutions like Singapore Exchange, Standard Chartered Bank, Bank of America, and more. She has a degree in Sociology, specialising in political economics, where she achieved highest distinction and multiple deans list awards from the National University of Singapore. She is also an avid investor in the cryptocurrency and GameFi space, including Crypto.com and Axie Infinity. Janice’s forward-thinking and innovative views on finance and technology have seen her featured in top media platforms like The Straits Times and Money.FM 89.3
Paris Pang - Chief of Staff Paris is a final year student at Singapore Management University pursuing a Bachelors in Business Management, where she specializes in Operations and Analytics. She has sales experience in the tech industry, in both startups and MNCs. As a highly action-oriented person, she is passionate in being part of a team working on the next big thing, especially in the DeFi and cloud computing space. She is a firm believer in leveraging the power of technology to uplift the lives of others and therefore, is committed to helping Metanoia achieve success as an alternative nation for the people.
Geralei Manalad - Head of Talent and Development Lei is a licensed Chartered Professional and a Certified Senior Paractitioner in Human Resources by the CPHR/CAHR United Kingdom. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a LEAD 100 alumna. In her belt is professional expertise in the field of Human Resources working for global fast paced organizations including Sutherland Global Services where she heavily focused on HR Analytics, Employee Relations, Performance Management and Improvement, and Consequence Management handling and responsible for 1,300 people of all levels. She helped her business unit decrease turnover rate from 18-20% down to 5-8% in a span of six months. For her remarkable performance and output, she received numerous awards and citations locally and internationally, worth noting is the client recognition held at the Microsoft Headquarters in Seattle, Washington. At Metanoia, Lei is primed to help building an alternative nation by the people for the people, through working with the team and the community in establishing talent acquisition, industrial relations, performance management, consequence management, and people development programs.
Carina - Creative Director and Concept Artist
Carina is an award winning artist that draws and illustrates concepts for various web3.0 projects before joining Metanoia. She holds a bachelor's degree in Web page, Multimedia and Information Resources Design. Carina believes that good design has a direct impact on people's lives and is often the original creator and creative director of most design and art concepts in Metanoia.
Junard Pino - Graphic Designer (Illustrator & Animator) Junard is a 3D Artist and a Graphic Designer and have also worked as a game developer for both 3D and 2D Games. A graduate of Information Technology major in Gaming and Animation at the University of San Jose-Recoletos, Philippines. Game Development is his main passion and everything that relates to it. Junard is on a mission to help give the world a new generation technology experience by joining an amazing team consisting of huge amount of talents and building the dream project - Metanoia.
Edward John Matias - Graphic Designer (Illustrator & Animator)
Edward is a licensed accountant with years of experience under his belt, although his main passion has always been in the creative industry - making art. He is a self-taught character designer with heavy influence from Japanese anime and manga. Driven by his passion, he studies art every time he gets a chance to. Edward firmly believes that great art is when you can deliver a message to the viewer from a single glance. He hopes to convey a message through his artwork while helping the Metanoia team to bring real-world value by investing in digital assets. Ayan Hafeez - UI/UX Designer Ayan is a web expert with an art & design background. In other words, he went to art school and returned a web designer. Being a senior UI/UX Designer, Ayan helps businesses and startups with a modern and powerful website design with experience in delivering end-to-end UI/UX design services for teams & agencies. He’s passionate about improving the lives of others through design and is constantly looking to learn new things every day. Bryan Mingana - Brand Manager Bryan is a branding expert who uses the knowledge he has acquired and perfected over the years. He takes his time to listen to you and find those small details that will make your clients remember your branding. He is convinced that we all have already been impacted by a good or a bad design, a design that made us buy an expensive product or avoid a possible good product. Bryan creates modern and clean Branding to increase the conversion rates and make the users want to stay and interact with the products. Hamza Shahab - Front-End Web Developer Hamza is a front-end web developer having worked with various types of front-end apps. He has years of experience in web development. Hamza has worked on the latest trending technologies in front-end web development. He can develop engaging, responsive, and blazing fast full-stack websites to suit any of the needs!
Conor Mckenzie - Senior Full-Stack Developer
Conor is an adventurous and ambitious builder who is driven to work on promising projects. Before joining Metanoia he took on various projects such as creating cryptocurrency trading bots using machine learning and other statistical methods, building a Play-to-Earn guild in Axie Infinity (which is still going strong), and being a self-funded investor; this is in addition to his personal projects including a private cloud storage server, 3D printing, and distributed computing using repurposed computers. This gives Conor a wide range of technical and non-technical experiences to draw from to contribute to Metanoia's success. He also holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computing Science from Simon Fraser University, Canada. Henriell Bayabay - Community Manager
Heny worked for 6 years in a renowned Japanese bank in Manila in departments such as HR & Admin and Trade and Remittance where his expertise lies in commodity trading, data collection for budget presentation, reviewing contracts and agreements and analysis reports for budgeting and costing. After the experience in banking industry, Heny worked in a finance company as a Operations Head Assistant and Finance Manager for about 2 years with expertise in handling team members and checking various transactions. He now focuses in stock trading, crypto trading where he has knowledge about 5 year all in all. He gets his community management skills by working with teams who are skilled in business development and still applying all those thing up to now. Angela Tay - Deal Sourcing Associate Angela is a Certified Defi Expert and Blockchain Expert from the Blockchain Council. With over 20 years of finance and technology B2B business development experience under her belt, her rich network of high quality entrepreneurs and founders ensures that whenever there is a private deal on the street, she will always be first to know. She is a cryptocurrency and Defi enthusiast, and also an avid investor in the technology equities and cryptocurrency space, with investments made mainly in the layer 1 tokens such as Ethereum, Fantom, Luna and Avalanche.