Ideas we are thinking of

This page shows a teaser on the ideas that we are experimenting with. All ideas here are subjected to change in the future and may not be executed.
Tokens We have ideas to release a total of 4 different tokens in Metanoia's final version.
$SPADE - Semi-stablecoin Token $HEART - Governance / Equity Token $CLUB - Charity Token $DIAMOND - Store of value token
Games & NFTs We are planning to create a series of games that represents a deck of 52 cards. (13 cards with 4 suits) A,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K For each token, there will be a series of 13 games which will require buy in using the token of that suit. For example, a Ace of Hearts game would require $HEART for you to enter or admit into the game. For a Queen of Diamonds game it would require $DIAMOND for you admit into the game. Champions of the game will then be able to gain a NFT called "Ace of Hearts", and runner ups might be awarded NFTs called "Ace of Heart Shards". 100 "Ace of Heart Shards" can be combined to form a full "Ace of Hearts" NFT. Once a user completes an entire collection of a full deck of cards (All 52 NFTs), the user will then be able to exchange the entire collection of 52 NFTs for a "Legendary Citizen" NFT, which grants rewarding and exclusive perks. Ideas of potential perks includes lifelong luxurious accommodation, limitless supply of food & beverage, gaining access to an all exclusive "winner's circle" community, and a concierge of complementary services.
Synergistic Collections
We also have in mind the possibility where NFTs when they are collected as a complete set, they will have special effects more powerful than they would ever be alone, with them having "complete set bonuses". For example, if you managed to combine a particular collection of NFTs together and stake the entire set of NFTs alongside the tokens, you will receive a higher APR as compared to staking more NFTs but with no synergies. Metanoia Data Passport
Users should be able to fully own their data, and choose which information they wish to share publicly or keep as private. We intend to give citizens of Metanoia an opt-in access to provide private and personal data that they fully own and have full control over and allow them to share it only in contexts where they have given permission to the application in exchange for access, enhanced experience or for money. Citizens who owns the Metanoia Data Passport can create and "log in" to various personas including one that is 100% transparent about their real world identity, to one that is 100% anonymous and many layers in between. As much as we can, we will also design the system such that even the original developers of the system would not know or have access to your private data, by implementing various techniques such as zero knowledge proof or other similar concepts.
Artificial Intelligence & Predictions
With enough performance data generated from games, we might be able to build a machine learning system that could predict the likelihood of what you may be talented in, which could help to accelerate the discovery of your potential or passion. Some example of such categories of prediction would be "Gamers who performed well in this game also performed well in XYZ" or "Games that are very similar to the one that you have just played". There might also be recommendations of "quests" that you could complete, which is dynamically ordered based on game performance data. If the user does not consent to releasing their performance data for the AI to make recommendations, then they would be given a "default" set recommendations based on other's performance data.
Collaboration with companies offering tangible goods & services
Metanoia strives to be an alternative nation that is seated in mixed reality, where users could interoperate between their real one identity and an anonymous one, as well as bridge seamlessly from the physical world to the virtual world. One such important areas to focus on would be to collaborate very closely with companies who are offering tangible goods and services. For example, we might collaborate with a cafe to offer a series of "Lifetime Coffee" NFTs, where you would be able to redeem 1 cup of free coffee everyday eternally, as long as you are the holder of the NFT. Another example might be a collaboration with a clothing store, where if you were to purchase a t-shirt in our metaverse, not only would you be able to receive the physical copy of the t-shirt via mail or shipping, but also simultaneously mint an NFT of the t-shirt that you just bought which can be equipped to your digital avatar and show a digital proof of ownership that you made this transaction. One last example would be perhaps a fast food restaurant which will host a "How many burgers can you eat in a minute" competition, with the winner walking away with a "Lifetime Burgers" NFT which will allow the winner to redeem 1 free burger a day from the restaurant eternally.