Land of Love

Land of Love is Metanoia’s staking pool.
The staking mechanism is designed with the aim to prevent mercenary capital, ensuring that only long term stakers who believe in the project get the rewards.
This is also why the ratio of initial tokens made available to the public at launch are relatively small as compared to the amount staking rewards allocated in the $HRT token design. In short, a new token $LOVE, which is not transferable or tradable, is introduced.
Staked $HRT tokens can yield $LOVE which can be used to boost the APR with provided liquidity.
For staking, Metanoia delivers its native token $HRT through 2 different pools: Base Pool and Boosting Pool, which respectively account for 20%, and 80% of the aggregate allocation.
The percentages can be changed in the future by the team, or via voting after governance is enabled.