Boosting Pool

The Boosting Pool differs from the Base Pool in that its liquidity emission is subject to staking of $LOVE tokens.
In the Boosting Pool, depositors have to stake $LOVE tokens to mine $HRT tokens. While new issuance tends to dilute a token’s market value with its enlarged market supply, the staking requirement offsets such impact through restricting its market supply.
The Boosting Pool serves multiple purposes:
  • To incentivise the purchase of $HRT tokens
  • To encourage long term staking
  • To make farming TVL directly related to staked token
The Boosting Pool utilises an additional token, $LOVE. It has the following main characteristics:
  • 1 staked $HEART in base pool generates 0.014 $LOVE every hour
  • Maximum $LOVE held with a deposit equals 100 times $HRT staked for the deposit
  • Upon unstaking $HRT, $LOVE drops to 0
  • $LOVE is not transferable or tradable