Tokenomics - Investor Protection Mechanisms

(TBC) A 10% sale tax will be implemented upon each SELL transaction of the HEART tokens. 2% of HEART tokens earned from the sale tax will be immediately redistributed to all current stakers of HEART tokens proportionately. The remaining 8% will be kept in the staking treasury and be allocated to future staking rewards programs. There might be the possibility of future initiatives for the reduction or even waiver of the sale tax, so that long term holders only selling a small portion of their total HEART holdings will not be penalized by the sale tax. Vesting allocation is set at 25x public sale allocation to ensure that majority of the rewards and power will only be given to those who are in the project for the long term. Vesting reward pools are set with the aim to prevent mercenary capital with long-term stakers owning majority of the tokens as the protocol matures. The formula of voting power will be adjusted to steer towards giving more power to stakeholders who have made significant contributions with the long term health of the community in mind.