Tokenomics Overview

We have decided to adopt a 4 token approach, starting with the launch of our governance token, the HEART token. Information regarding HEART tokens will be shared first, with additional information on the other tokens to be released closer to their launch date. SPADE token - this is a semi-stablecoin token pegged a basket of fiat currencies and is designed to appreciate against fiat currencies over time.
HEART token - this is the governance and equity token of metanoia. It is limited in supply, and the initial core transactional currency of Metanoia. It allows you to own a slice of metanoia's power, wealth and can be used to purchase items to upgrade Mixies.
CLUB token - this is the charity token of Metanoia. 1 CLUB can only be minted with 1 dollar made through donations.
DIAMOND token - this is the store of value token in Metanoia. Diamonds can be minted via vesting heart tokens forever, and would accrue long term rewards in the Metanoia ecosystem.