Tokenomics - Treasury

This section outlines the major concepts of how the treasury will be managed. The treasury in $HRT will be managed differently from $DMND. $HRT treasury will be used to pay the governing, operational and development team, make long term investments as well as invest in riskier ventures for maximum upside. Volatility for this token is expected due to it's nature. While it is likely to have higher upside potential than $DMND over the long term, it would be exposed to wide price swings, and there will not be any automated protocol repurchases for this token.
$DMND treasury is used as the default transactional currency in the nation, using it to pay for almost all goods and services. $DMND is Metanoia's own native, stable currency that is designed to compete with fiat currency. The treasury backing per $DMND will always be $1 USD or more, and is designed to appreciate against most traditional fiat currencies in the long term.